While there are several reasons for wanting and or needing a massage.   I wanted to take a moment to tell you about some conditions that I have successfully treated with massage therapy.  Two conditions are sinus drainage and vertigo caused in fluid in the inner ear.

The first step is reflexology by working with the points in the feet that refer to the neck, shoulders, sinuses and inner ear.  This alone has been very effective for several of my clients.  Many have reported that there sinuses started draining and they were feeling better.  This is also helpful in someone who would have difficultly lying face down because of sinus pressure.  With the sinuses starting to open and drain then the course of treatment will vary from case to case.   Warm stones or cloths can also be applied to the sinuses while manual lymph drainage is performed on the neck and shoulders.  If the neck and shoulders and not released first the drainage will hit a road block and not drain effectively.  Once the neck and shoulders are relaxed then massage be applied directly to the sinuses to promote drainage and pressure relief.

For vertigo caused by pressure in the inner ear canal my procedure is much the same but I use manual lymph drainage technique and some cranial sacral techniques.  More emphasis is placed on drainage of the ear canal.  My wife has a frequent inner ear problem which results in dizziness if she stands up to fast.  While she has explored several options nothing seems to work as well as this combination of massage techniques.

Being a therapeutic massage therapist I do not charge a different price for different therapies.  I may use up to five different modalities to find the most effective treatment.   This is way the price for a massage is the same regardless of what modality I use.   I never know which modality will work the best on everyone every time.  With some practice you can use many of the techniques I demonstrate and use at home for self-care.  The cold and allergy season is coming up and I wanted to give you a thought about successful alternative care.