This September marks the start of my 23rd year as a full-time massage therapist. It was September 15, 1995 when I resigned from the corporate world and decided to go into business for myself. Out of my little studio I have served over 1,500 customers and logged more than 13,000 hours of massage therapy. While I have added several different techniques over the years, I can say that they all work but they don’t all work on everyone every time. I had a client ask me what technique that I was using and after a few minutes I told him I had used about 4 different approaches in his therapeutic massage. Reflexology (feet and hand massage) has been the most frequently used additional modality. While from a standard medical model it may not make sense, I have seen it work with success on many occasions. I try to start each massage with foot massage. When my wife, Janice, was going through her breast cancer treatment is was a real blessing in relieving muscle pain and nausea. I have treated several cancer patients with reflexology to reduce nausea and vomiting. Many clients have also benefited from sinus and inner ear relief. Active Isolated Stretching is another very effective modality. You can actually stretch muscles than you can reach by massage. Some muscles are located in impossible to reach areas. I have found that using stretching techniques results in longer lasting benefits from massage. Total Body Balancing is a technique that involves a quick assessment of the person to see what releases quick and what needs further follow up. I then use a variety of procedures, selecting those that offer the most benefit for the least amount of pain and discomfort. In October 2017 I will become certified in cupping. For those of you who watched the last Olympics and saw the red areas on Michael Phelps’s shoulders, the marks were made by using cups. I have using them for a while now and like the results so I am spending the time for additional training. I used to think Kinesio tape was a gimmick until my Crossfit coach, Kim Dunlap, used it to relieve my elbow pain. The relief was immediate. After an additional 32 hours of training I use it a lot in my massage practice. This helps prevent reoccurrence of muscle pain and spasms. I like it and use it on myself when needed. You can buy this now in many locations, including sporting goods stores and pharmacies, but I will note that it is important to learn to apply it correctly. Frequently I am asked how much I charge for a Swedish massage, deep tissue massage, or sports massage. The short answer is that every technique I do is the same price. Each massage is tailored to each individual preference and need and effectiveness. In my 23 years of practice I have only wanted to do the best possible therapeutic massage. My time is my time and I do not charge extra to use hot stones, perform stretching, or to utilize any other therapy that might be of the greatest benefit to the client. Thank you for my customers who have allowed me to maintain this practice over the last two decades plus. Janice says I can’t retire until I’m 70. This means at least 6 more years of providing a service that I believe my clients consider a good value. I still enjoy what I do and being a part of my clients’ lives. Six years or more; I really don’t see myself ever stopping providing the very best in massage therapy.

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